Too Much Tech Talk?

Looking down my home page, I see that my last three posts are just cross-posts to my other site (Rob’s Tech Talk). That doesn’t seem right to me. When I got back into writing a couple months ago, I intended to post here more than I have. That bothers me a bit.

I’m spending quite a bit more time working on Tech Talk than I originally thought I would, which is taking time away from this blog. I originally thought I’d be splitting my time equally between the two, but that hasn’t been the case at all. I do spend time on topics for this site every week, but don’t get enough time to always put them together.

The thing is, I’m really enjoying working on the Tech Talk posts. It’s letting me combine my love of technology, my desire to help people, and my writing. I’ve been consistently producing one article a week and the feedback I’ve gotten has been good. I even feel that it’s helping improve my writing. Sure, it’s a different style of writing than I intended to do here, but it still feels good. I’m sure writing more here would help me improve in different ways.

So, what to do? I will try to set aside more time for this blog instead of just posting links to Tech Talk. Maybe part of what I need to do is to figure out what I really want this blog to be about. When I started, I thought it would be about whatever came to mind: writing, life, technology, etc. And maybe that’s still OK. But, maybe if I had more focus, I’d be here more often. I don’t know.

For those of you that make your way here, I’ll try to be more consistent. Thanks for sticking around.

2 thoughts on “Too Much Tech Talk?

  1. I hear you. I’m really good at being inconsistent. I do it all the time. Wait…see what I did there? For real though, your issue is not uncommon. I liken it to the issue of one blog with many topics versus many blogs with one topic each. Either way you slice it, your focus gets divided in some way. Managing, juggling (multi-tasking), gets tricky. Some people seem to have a hyper-threaded brain like an Intel CPU. Some don’t. Anyways, give it time and I bet things should become more clear as to how to proceed.

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