About Me

My name is Rob and I’m a writer, programmer, and technology enthusiast. I’m also a husband, father, son and brother. I live in the beautiful state of Oregon in the USA.

In my past life, I was a technology executive for 22 years at Microsoft. I spent most of my career working on developer tools (Visual Basic, Visual Studio) and Windows graphics. I retired a couple years ago to get out of the “rat race” and pursue other passions.

I still enjoy technology, but in a different way. I am no longer managing large teams and projects. Instead, I love to create things and have really enjoyed spending time writing code, traveling, and doing house projects. 

I also enjoy helping people make the most out of technology. For me, helping non-techies use the technology and tools they have brings a great sense of acccomplishment. I plan to explore ways to do more of this at my Tech Talk site.

I’ve always wanted to do more writing, but had a hard time sticking with it while working. I’ve started a blog several times, have several novels in various states of completion, and have some coursework I’ve been working on. I plan to dig into these more now that I have the time.

Welcome. I hope you find something useful here.