How Much Writing is Enough?

What a silly question! Of course the answer is “there is never enough writing!” But I do find myself asking this very question lately…

Almost two weeks ago I finally wrote here after more than a year away. At the time, I was putting aside my programming projects (again) and getting back to writing. I was very excited about that, I still am, and I’ve largely been successful. But, I find myself wondering if I’m doing enough writing.

Maybe I’ve taken on too many writing tasks. I’ve got this blog, I have my Tech Talk site, I’ve started journaling again, and I have the novels I started long ago. Is that too many projects? I’m not sure. Some days it feels as if it is, and some days it feels just right. I mean, with many projects there is always something to write after all.

Is it enough? I have been journaling again, almost every day. I hadn’t written in my journal for more than a year, so that feels really good. Also, I’ve written and posted a couple tech talk articles, with a few more well underway, and many, many ideas written down for future posts. I have even gotten some followers on that site and some good feedback on the articles.

On the other hand, I haven’t posted here as much as I’d hoped. There are two posts, not counting the URL updates. I guess that’s something. Worse though is that I haven’t done any work on my novel.

So, have I written enough? I guess after writing this post and thinking more about it, I’d say yes. After all, I’m getting back into the writing habit after quite a long time away. And, I actually have written quite a bit. Just not everything I wanted.

What occurs to me now is that any writing can be enough. The goal is to write, so sitting down, putting words to paper, or screen, and making some progress is enough. It feels good and encourages the next words to come. Is there always more to do? Yes. Does that mean what has been done isn’t enough? No, not at all.

Just like there is always another book to read, another mountain to climb, another trip to take, there is always more to write. But that’s the joy of it. Here’s to writing enough each and every day.

2 thoughts on “How Much Writing is Enough?

    • You are right. It’s so easy to put too much pressure on yourself and sometimes that just makes it harder. It’s been a while since I was writing regularly so I’m just starting to get a feel for how much I should expect of myself, and how to balance that with the projects I’ve started. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


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