It’s Been Quiet Around Here

My last post was almost a month ago! When I started this blog and re-focused my energy on writing, I told myself that I’d write almost every day. I also thought I’d post here frequently. I guess I didn’t take travel and vacation into account.

The past three weeks my wife and I have been traveling. When we left, I thought I would continue to write and post as we went along. I mis-judged just how busy I would be, and how much time and energy I would devote to writing. To be fair to myself, I actually did write a bit while I was traveling. I just didn’t post anything here. I wrote down some ideas for posts related to the trip, and I journaled a few times. But, I had hoped to post some real-time travel observations, as well as take some down time to write. Oh well, lesson learned and expectations set for the next trip.

Now that I’m back, I’ll be posting more regularly. And, I do have some travel posts to write, in addition to the typical, and maybe not-so-typical, ramblings. See you soon.

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