Getting Ready vs Getting Started

About a month ago I started my new blog. I set up the site, picked a theme, posted a welcome message, and wrote down several ideas for upcoming posts. It felt as if I was getting started.

But, as I sit here today, writing this post, it’s clear that I was really just getting ready. More than a month has gone by, with little output from me. Oh, I’ve saved off a few more post ideas and read through some of the notes I took for one of my novels. But, I have not really started writing. Why?

There are many reasons I could use: I’m busy with other things, I’m not sure where my novel should go, my site isn’t exactly what I want, or maybe, I don’t feel like it. But I think the real reason is that there’s been some kind of wall in my way. A wall of fear perhaps. A wall telling me that if I put my thoughts “out there” then people might actually read them. And if they read them, they might not like them. And if they don’t like them, well then what’s the point?

Yesterday I decided that I’d climb the wall. For me, mornings are the best time for writing. So after breakfast I came upstairs, to the room where my desk is located, and I finished a post that I wrote a couple weeks ago. And, here it is, morning again, and here I am, writing, again.

It’s good to really get started, now that I’m done getting ready.

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