New Apple Gear

I watched the Apple special event last week, even though there were so many leaks that I didn’t expect very many surprises. To me, one of the great things about Apple’s events is the story they tell and how they show their hardware and software working together in ways that solve problems for real people. So, while knowing (or at least, having a very good idea) of the hardware and some of features that were going to be a announced, I was excited to hear what Apple had to say about it all.

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Hurricanes, Nerves, and Technology

As hurricane Irma heads toward Florida, my wife and I are worried. We both have family living there and they’ve all decided to stay during the hurricane. We’re concerned about how they will fare during and after the storm. We feel so helpless because we’re on the west coast of the US and aren’t there to help them. However, it’s been amazing how technology has been able to help us feel just a little less helpless.

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Getting Ready vs Getting Started

About a month ago I started my new blog. I set up the site, picked a theme, posted a welcome message, and wrote down several ideas for upcoming posts. It felt as if I was getting started.

But, as I sit here today, writing this post, it’s clear that I was really just getting ready. More than a month has gone by, with little output from me. Oh, I’ve saved off a few more post ideas and read through some of the notes I took for one of my novels. But, I have not really started writing. Why?

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