Mac Becoming More Like iOS?

I read an interesting article this week on Macworld titled The Mac is becoming more like iOS — and I think I like it by Jason Snell. If you’ve been following the world of Apple for any length of time, you’ve heard of Jason. He’s been writing about Apple and its products for decades.

In the article Jason talks about how using both the Mac and the iPad is changing his perspective about usage models and features. He says of the Mac’s Finder:

”This is the way it’s always been, more or less—but all of a sudden it’s started to feel archaic…for the most part using the Finder feels like fiddly non-work”

I feel the same way, and about more than just the Finder. I think the iPad gets a lot right when it comes to usage model and features. I recently wrote about using the iPad as my only computer and how much I’m loving it. I also talked about how I had to stick with it in order to feel as comfortable as I had been on the Mac. Whether it’s managing files, copy/paste, or interacting with apps, there is a period where the old way is more comfortable than the new. And then it changes.

Reading this article made me think again about how doing something over and over builds the muscle memory needed to make tasks feel natural and right. Only once that happens can you decide if the new approach really is better for the way you use the device. You must be comfortable with the new way or the old will always seem better.

There is a lot to like about the simplicity of the iPad compared to a traditional laptop. And, it can do so much more. But, getting to the point where using it for everything feels right takes a bit of time. I think it’s worth the effort. If you’re thinking about using the iPad as your main computer, stick with it. I think you’ll be happy you did and you might just feel the same as Jason (and me):

”The iPad, she has infected me. And I fear there is no cure.

6 thoughts on “Mac Becoming More Like iOS?

  1. I’m a firm believer of the iPad. I big user too. I’m also user of an iMac (2017) which I love. I like to stay in both worlds (computer, tablets) so I can see their respective evolution. They both are great tools.

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