Apple has announced their next special event. While I’m excited to see what new hardware they’ll unveil, I’m really most excited about the launch of iOS 11, which will likely be a week (or so) later.

I never have installed iOS betas on my personal devices. When I was a developer of course I’d install the betas on my test devices. But, when it comes to the devices I use every day, no way. I’d rather wait until they are released.

I’ve read many articles about the new features in iOS 11 and I’m really looking forward to them, especially all the new iPad goodness. Now that I’ve switched to using an iPad as my only computer, I think those features in particular will make the experience that much better.

I know there have been many, many articles about iOS 11 and the iPad, but I plan to write some of my thoughts once I’ve installed it and used it for a bit. Stay tuned.