The first post in my series. I cover the latest scams, a tip about better photo management, and answer a question from a dedicated reader.

Here is a test post, so I can see how this will work for creating newsletters. I hope to be able to post the newsletters to my web site so they are easy to find and go back to, as well as include the entire newsletter in the email. We’ll see.

They say that the key to writing is to, well,


Quick Tip

You can do this and I’ll be you didn’t even know it!

Scam Alert

Here is scam alert! Be careful out there. There are always people trying to do bad things. Ask yourself:

  • Does this seem too good to be true?
  • Is the wording well thought-out and in proper English
  • Are they asking for passwords?

These are all signs that you don’t want to click or open!

Main Feature

Here is where I might have the main feature for this post.

And then, you might want to change this setting:

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